Black Box-Image Theatre



You encounter a number of new elements in the Black box performance. You will be surprised by possibilities of black effects, luminescent lights and their visual effects. Modern dance is supported by perfect black light technique, causing dancers and objects to levitate, rotate and move in defiance of the rules of gravity. Constituent elements are inspired by the contemporary world, time, even dreams, and the transformed fantasy of moving objects. The subconscious mind of each visitor can find its own association and interpretation. A combination of interesting props, original music and projection once again provides our multinational audience with a very unusual experience. Non-verbal sketches, reflecting detective, crime and action stories, are interspersed with scenes in "the black". They tell us a story of unrevealed and unknown crime, culprits and their hunters. The hero, acting as a brave and indestructible executor of the Law, chases fleeing gangsters with the determination of a hunting dog.


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Black Box image



Mr. Clyde Josef TICHÝ, Erik DEMKO, Michal HECHT
Policeman Petr LIŠKA, René PYŠ, Michal HECHT, Lukáš ŠIMON, Erik DEMKO
Ms. Bonnie Dita JANČÍKOVÁ, Daniela ALFONZOVÁ
dancer - Ms. Bushman Nela RADIMĚŘSKÁ, Lenka HYBLEROVÁ, Andrea KHEILOVÁ, Martina ŠŤASTNÁ, Johana HÁJKOVÁ
actor - Lady in Black Božena NUSSBERGEROVÁ, Evženie ŠTEFLOVÁ, Iva SEIDLOVÁ, Eva PLOCKOVÁ
dancer - Mrs. Pendulum Johana HÁJKOVÁ, Dita JANČÍKOVÁ, Martina ŠŤASTNÁ, Lenka HYBLEROVÁ
dancer - Mr. Ring Dušan KMEŤ, Michal VLK, Vojta VLASÁK, Thomas BETTINELLI
dancer - Mr. Platinium Ivo JIRÁSEK, Juraj KLIMAŠOVSKÝ, Daniel RYBICKI
dancer - Mr. Spiderman Pavel PLOCEK, Michal VLK, Marek KAŠPAROVSKÝ


Script Eva Asterová, Josef Tichý, Petr Liška
Choreography Eva Asterová
Music Zdeněk Zdeněk
Costume design Dana Turečková, Eva Asterová
Costume realization Emílie Bezdíčková, Helena Píchová
Props realization Stojan Nenov, Ivo Maurenc, Pavel Plocek, Josef Borovička
Art co-operation František Tvrdek
Producer Alexander Čihař
Premiére 19.10. 2004