In black and white


In black and white

On 12th March 2004 at 10:21 p.m. the majority of the ensemble assembled in the Image theatre in the same place at the same time. As usual, Anna Black was present and took a picture of this extraordinary moment. It is our good fortune to have this photograph in the theatre's archive. The photo is a valuable document that proves that the Image theatre is full of real human beings.

1. Eva Asterová
Artistic director of the company and choreographer. Significantly shapes the final theatre form. Ex member of the Šmok's Chamber Ballet; working with black theatre for a long period of time. Her sense of ballet and art as well as choreography gives a special character to all performances of the IMAGE Theatre. IMAGE is most of all her project, her dream that became true.

2. Alexander Čihař
Originally a musician, nowadays is producer of the IMAGE Theatre. He needs the same dose of courage for his favourite "adrenaline" sports as for producing a private theatre. He unveils measures of risk as well as characters of business partners. He has a sense of rhythm and harmony; you think that these characters are not specific for a good manager? Lexa is a live proof that they are.

3 . Petr Tuček
Executive director of the IMAGE Theatre. Truly a born host. If you have any problem Petr will solve it in five minutes. He is a man of inexhaustible energy in the right place, not forgetting to pay compliments to each beautiful woman.

4. Helena Pavlíčková
Our smiling office manager. She will make a reservation or sell tickets directly with elegance. Sometimes she will sell you tickets for performances that were long sold out. If you managed to buy last minute tickets for a sold out performance, it was definitely her.

5. Pavel Plocek
Expert in theatre technology and chip science. Creator of many tricks and stage designs. He is a perfect organizer and expert in logistics. Thanks to him our tours take place without confusion. Accumulator and condenser of the ensemble. The best example of a short circuit. If you ask him for autograph you do so at your own risk.

6. Josef Tichý
Spiritus Agens of the IMAGE Theatre in all meanings of these words. Actor and scriptwriter. If you sleep, he wakes you up. If you are awake, he takes control of you. He controls his body movement in a perfect way, but you cannot see that. The laughter of the audience is the most important thing for him. Night moth, morning sleeper.

7. Petr Liška
Actor and scriptwriter. Perpetual comedian, prankster and a good fellow in good times and bad. He always maintains a good mood. Be careful, you never know when a new prank will come. It is certain that you will swallow the hook. His surname suits him, like a tail suits a fox...

8. René Pyš
He is performing all the time and not only on the stage. His madness is infectious and it hits the spot unerringly. He could make you laugh at your own funeral. He can act the role of Cyrano de Bergerac or a spoilt hamburger

* Michal Hecht
A five-star actor and an outstanding scriptwriter. He has spent several years on the stages of Europe and Northern America and now he belongs to our theatre as if he has been a part of it from the beginning. He is full of energy and he'll draw you into the performance with it so that you forget the whole world. His energy is unlimited.

9. Karel Krňanský
Actor and mime with a well-developed locomotive memory (sometime very precise). He has the eighth sense for the rhythm of a performance.

10. Jiří Šafránek
His good vibrations will influence you in a positive way. The mime whose acting is alive and pulsing all the time.

11. Eva Plocková
Prima ballerina - stars are usually called like that. However she is something more. It cannot be described in words, but you can see that on stage. She will impress you. And not only you, some overawed actors forget their sketches. A dancer par excellence.

12. Lenka Oulehlová
Do you admire her unbearable lightness and the beauty of her dance? You are not the only one. She was admired for the same in Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta. Lenka took part in the Olympic games in gymnastics there. What is hidden in her mysterious and fearful smile can be only guessed. However the mystery is beautiful.

13. Dita Jančíková
A universally talented Diva. She is a highly visible dancer in our ensemble. She manages dancing, singing, acting - i.e. everything. It is hard to say what is her favourite. She does everything well and with a smile on her face.

14. Sylva Hackländerová
Big-eyed dancer. Her dynamic dance style has been influenced by professional experience in Rotterdam and this she rotates around the stage of Image with lightness.

15. Jana Šaráková
A gracious Slovak dancer from Košice. Her fragile ballet expression is highly visible and irreplaceable.

16. Dita Kalábová
She is the permanent pearl of our ensemble. She usually refuses new offers of marriage after the performance. She learns new roles very quickly, even theatre roles.

17. Evženie Fastnerová
Uncompromising dancer. She can show elegance, spirit, roughness and tenderness. It is pleasant to watch her dance and to talk to her. She is always nice to everyone.

18. Božena Nussbergerová
One of those you will never see. The "black one". Ok, so she's not always invisible, but she knows very well how to make herself invisible, hiding her charms in lush black velvet. Mistress of all tricks of black theatre; She is visible again after the performance. You may bring her flowers; she likes them as much as she loves you, the audience.

19. Iva Seidlová
She performs in her black velvet costume; a black hood hides even her face. What a pity! Her eyes and stage tricks can outfox you. And behind the stage? Try to guess.

20. Eliška Skarke - Cvrčková
A fragile human being, always in a good mood, acting without words. She is gifted with a powerful talent that influences the hearts of visitors. No one knows how she does it, not even her. And it works. She can work as easily with visitors as well as with clay or children or other things…

* Iva Pattersonová
An actress who left drama and started to devote herself to non-verbal theatre. She was born to play dramatic characters. She spends her free time with her cocker spaniel and men.

21. Ivo Jirásek
Inventive and perfect dancer. He's too good for Broadway. We are glad that he is with us. Every dancing part is accompanied by his inimitable variations. He has a sense of humour especially during tours.

22. Dušan Kmeť
Realiable and exceptionally brave dancer. He is famous for his risky pirouettes taken to the outer reaches of human capability as well as for his culinary art. His exclusive preparation of dishes is really more than perfect and the final result leads to big feasts. Not only for those things he is very popular.

23. Milan Hybler
Dancer and specialist for folk and prehistoric dances. He is famous for throwing his dance partners around without respect for the rules of gravity. His sharp-featured face of action heroes hides a sensitive soul and a good heart.

* Daniel Bič
Our youngest, most universal and very talented dancer has taken part in many Prague theatre projects. At first glance you can see that he is a genuine character and a good friend.

24. Juraj Klimašovský
Dancer with a mime face. You look at him and you know exactly which character he is performing. He dances in such a manner that all movement on the stage seems to be the easiest thing in the world. He uses his heart in his dancing.

25. Petr Plocek
After taking part in film musicals he came to our theatre. We need him as an interpreter during our tours. He manages theatre jargon as well as other.

* Filip Veverka
Outstanding dancer. He is a soloist of the National Theatre in Prague. He received the Thalia prize in 2004.

* Roman Jirec
Reliable and friendly member of our ensemble. He influences the female half of the audience.

26. Stojan Nenov
Stage master, his heart beats for IMAGE. Spotlights, tractional mechanism, curtains, levers, boxes, pedestals and the whole theatre machine are his kingdom. He rules with his hammer in one hand and a screwdriver in the other one. When he wants to, he doesn't speak and work instead, and vice versa.

27. Ivo Maurenc
A distributor of emissive radiation and membrane vibrations. Administrator of cables. He convects alternating current. He is a scout of theatres. Nothing surprises him.

28. Josef Mesani
He became a sound master and light master so as not to have so much time dating beautiful women. His nickname is "Mastroianni". He is drapes the stage in light and darkness hidden in his room full of mysterious machines.

30. Josef Borovička
Light and sound master. He is an expert for all stages in Prague. He manages to connect any wire, anywhere. He is connecting lost and erratic wires and wires leading to nowhere to bring light, sound, good mood to the right place.

29. Jiří Holý
Light master and technician, in films known as the "best boy". He is a skilful maker of absurd props and moreover an eager cyclist.

* Jiří Kolman
Light master, technician and a specialist for the left-side spotlight. Give him paint and a brush and everything will be as black as the rock music that he plays and sings in clubs at nights. It is said that he sleeps with his guitar.

31. Jiří Pavlíček
Light master and a specialist for the right-hand spotlight. He was willing to operate with the most important traction mechanism in the theatre. The curtain rises and falls with him.

32. Renata Lišková
She manages all different arts and she has interesting and useful abilities such as raising theatre kids.

33. Jana Veselá
Dancer, Czech Republic national champion in modern gymnastics and a participant in the Olympic games. Her last name reminds us that she is full of optimism and courage.

* Mirka Zezulová
A nice, smiling and unforgettable performer from her previous dance and acting roles, very positive element of our ensemble.

34. Linda Čihařová
That's her, the brunette with her unforgettable smile, who greets you at the entrance to the auditorium and sorts out all problems that can be thought of. She is the boss of usherettes and ticket agents.

* Dana Michalová
She takes care of the small things that are so vital to the magic of black light theatre tricks. In fact, she is the boss of invisible things. Her creative invention means a lot of manual work in the details.

* František Tvrdek
A brilliant artist and a scientist in the field of luminescent work. His work influenced our theatre a lot and he has been working for us since 1989.

* Emílie Bezdíčková
No one else is able to sew all the beautiful and intricate costumes that you see. She was awarded an Otakar theatre prize, the Golden thread.

* Dana Turečková
Her costume designs have become an inspirational part of the author's mechanism in recent productions. She is shy and keeps a low profile. Do not forget! Still waters run deep.

* Zdeněk Zdeněk
A jazzman, heart and soul. His music has accompanied the IMAGE Theatre from the very beginning. He is our "court" composer. He has the ability to coax the Image company to the highest revs even in periods of creative crisis with his unbounded optimism and musical impulse.

* Vítězslav Bulant
The man who takes pictures of us. For this reason, he bought a camera of his very own and a very sensitive film. Generally he persuades us to stand without movement for many minutes and calls it the art of catching the moment. Then he shuts himself into his dark room for months on end. When we see him again in daylight, he always has with him perfect pictures.

Multidentus viridis
In the production Clonarium, Professor Pražák created a new, artificial life form during his experiments. On the behest of the Image company, Multidentus has not been exterminated. He is kept and duly spoiled in our dressing room. From time to time he is persuaded to perform. People who are marked *could not participate in the photo shoot and were busy feeding and spoiling HIM behind a black curtain.