Dear visitors, welcome to my Cabinet.

After years of hard work trying to solve Pražák’s Circular Paradox I have decided to make the results of my research public to both the layman and experts. As the official institutions have not been very understanding I have decided, or rather, I have been forced, to establish the Cabinet at my own expense in order to demonstrate in front of an audience that the only way to escape the vicious circle of  the expansion of civilization is through miracles inside us. The mentioned demonstration is not entirely risk-free and therefore I am pleased that you have taken that risk and visited the Cabinet.

prof. Pražák

* * *

Please, enter and admire the perfection, beauty and work of genius!

You will see a demonstration of interesting exhibits and an explanation of their principles and functions!

Unique collection of curiosities and miracles of the 20th  century! First time in public!

Practical demonstrations!

Enter at your own risk!

The best excerpts from Professor Pražák’s book: “Cruel speculations about mankind” (Pergeens, Prag 1995, page 367-368): “I do not consider the fact that the population grows with immeasurable speed as catastrophic. Vice versa. What I consider catastrophic is the fact that humans produce more and more machines, instruments and technical innovations. These machines are supposedly designed to make life easier for people. In reality they just make life more complicated as they are too practical, functional and reliable…”  Pražák’s Circular Paradox explains this phenomenon in two points:


– Every new invention brings a problem.

– Each new problem can only be solved by a new invention.


Which makes it clear that our civilization is going in completely the wrong direction. The solution of Pražák’s Circular Paradox lies in complete and total reversal of human thinking and approach to inventions. This idea of genius is expressed in Pražák’s Law of Functional Instability: Only the machines that appear to be useless are useful.

Such machines seem to have mysterious or even impossible functions. There are no manuals. Therefore people are forced to use their own brains, imagination and swearing. The feelings of a little miracle then accompany successful attempts to make the machines working.

Thus evolution of civilization is not due to producing new technical miracles but it is only possible by producing human miracles within us.

* * *


Professor Pražák would like to express great appreciation to the IMAGE Theatre for collaboration in establishing the Cabinet. Also, many thanks to Miss Ruzena for constructive comments on execution of practical demonstrations.


The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.