Tour abroad


Tour abroad

IMAGE is invited for a tour abroad from time to time. It seems to be easy - transport everybody to a certain place, perform and return again back. May be if you carry only one piece of luggage. However to transfer the black light theatre to a foreign country and perform there is considerably more difficult. Costumes, props, velvet curtains, UV lights, a black carpet, hangers, tractional mechanism, switching rope, cables, spotlights, trick equipment… Thousands of details that are needed for the theatre. Those props with a specific location on the home stage have to be loaded to containers and suitcases. Regardless, IMAGE often runs the risk of  a tour abroad to fulfil insistent requests of foreign organizers. After dozens of faxes and emails have been sent, a final date is chosen and the preparation agents underway. We cannot disappoint our audiences in Prague so the management must choose optimal teams both for performances on the home stage and the tour abroad. The programme on the home stage will not be changed and spectators will even not notice that Image is performing at the same time in a different part of the world. Day D, Zero hour. The bus is in front of the theatre and all suitcases, containers and boxes go inside. Finally, the actors themselves are loaded too, equipped with plenty of humour and boundless determination to survive a long journey, and IMAGE is on the way. Hundreds of kilometres pass by. The coach stops in front of the theatre building where our evening performance is to be held. We unload everything and set up our own stage on the stage. We have to light up the stage, check sound apparatus and do a rehearsal in the new premises. And primarily we have to assess the quality of darkness in this unfamiliar place.There is a different density in each country. IMAGE needs the thickest one. Sometimes we take ours with us. We get rid of any last defects, pleat the curtain and the beginning of the performance is here.


image theatre tour abroad

We perform with maximum energy, with a little bit of tension, because the acoustics, the stage and even the back stage are so different to our home stage. Then there is the end, applause and the final curtain falls. We are happy and tired, packing everything again back into the coach. The night is short and busy. We go to bed very late, actually very early. The morning is a bit hazy, but the haze vanishes during our communal breakfast accompanied by jokes and laughter. We are preparing for the transfer to a different city, stage and ready for new visitors.

There is the last applause, the last curtain. We are leaving for home. We cross the borders, our homeland "hits us" and Prague greets us. Alive, healthy and finally at home. The next day we are going to change and we are ready for the performance on our good old home Stage in Pařížská Street in Prague. On the other hand a "Par avion" tour is a different cup of tea. It is so different, because airlines have a maximum luggage allowance. However IMAGE is ready for this possibility as well. Therefore our action radius has spread even over the sea. We are full of new experiences with performing for different audiences in different countries. We are looking forward to our next tour.