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Following the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic and in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus
IMAGE Theatre is completely closed
from 13. March 2020 until further notice

Please keep your tickets,
You will not lose your theatre experience or your money.
we will exchange your tickets after the end of the restriction!

Please follow our website,
where we will keep you updated about further information.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at

Our TICKET OFFICE will from 13.3. 2020 closed until further info.


Ξόρκια, κόλπα, ψευδαισθήσεις και κάποιο μαγικό μυστήριο.
Πολλά χιούμορ από την "οικογένεια μαγεία οικογένειας Frascalli"
και ένα μοναδικό συνδυασμό μαύρου θεάτρου, χορού και συναρπαστικού μη λεκτικού θεάματος.


Selection of the best parts and pieces from all our performances of Image Theatre.
Forget the theory and enjoy a funny delicacy from our theatre kitchen. It is nutritious, easily digestible and mentally refreshing.


Miscellany of black theatre scenes and dance performances combined with bits and pieces of an almost criminal story. Lawman looking for a pair of amateur gangsters.


Endless space as inspiration for black theatre and dance. Astronomy and astrology, horoscope and love potion have inspired non-verbal theatre again. That is Galaxy in Image Theatre.

CABINET of curiosities

Unique presentation of ingenious inventions that almost changed the world. Both poetic and technical experience with your own eyes. Black theatre extends the capabilities of mankind. Entry at your own risk.


Wildlife dance styling and impressive effects of black theatre. Tourists, a postman and a big, playful misunderstanding. It does not go together, does it? – But it can.