Anna Black


Anna Black in the audience

This charming lady is our most devoted spectator. She has become an inseparable part of our performances. We have managed     to find out that so far she has seen :

•    Jazzmime stories - 51 times

•    Fancy  - 99 times

•    Night Flight  - 93 times

•    Cabinet  - 328 times

•    Clonarium  - 63 times

•    The Best of Image  - 291 times

•    Fiction - 211 times

•    Black Box - 205 times

•    Studio Clip -  172  times

•    Afrikania - 103  times

•    Galaxia - 48  times



anna black                                                                           
She has been here 1136 times in total. We can easily calculate that if our performance lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes on average, she has spent in our theatre a total of 102240 minutes so far, i.e. 1704 hours or 71 days non-stop. Of course we do no count informal parties at premieres that she is a part of as well. We can state that Anna Black is an inseparable part of our performances. She has somewhat become a mascot of  the ensemble. She not only brings us luck but also little presents for the members of the ensemble for their birthdays. She usually sits in the seventh row. You can be sure that she is here today.
…Her beloved composer is on the stage