We recommend you come to the theatre prepared for the theatre.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the show will be performed by real actors, i.e. including all associated risks.

If you cannot make up your mind where you want to sit you may use services of our usherettes.

Please do not shoot the actors and dancers; they are doing their utmost.

No meals will be served during the performance; therefore it may be a good idea to dine before or after the performance.

If you like anything that is going on in the theatre hall, do applaud. We approve.

Hitting your left palm with your right palm carries out applause. Left-handed spectators vice versa. Please do it loudly. The produced sound gives the actors pleasant feelings.

The theatre hall is not equipped for overnight accommodation.

If you wish to see the next performance please leave the hall after the end of the show and contact our box office.

The bar is also open after the performance. There you can contemplate on what you have experienced with us.

Do not use mobile devices and do not take pictures with or withour flash during the performance.

Have fun!