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Our theatre is open to an audience from all continents. Visitors settle down in the theatre every night and we perform for them. However, the theatre is a living organism changing in time, changing the mood of the audience and feelings of the actors. These feelings are borne again every night and die at the end of the performance to be ready for the same yet different show the next day. Likewise our repertoire changes. Each change means a new experience. We like to return to certain things, events and people. Pleasant impressions are blended with new experience and reach new dimensions. This is what happened at the birth of the production "The Best of Image". We didn’t want to forget the pleasant moments of successful sketches that we had shared with our audience. In addition to this other hits came into existence and we prepared this "best of" compilation of sketches. It is compiled of dance, mime sketches and the black theatre metamorphosis of reality. You can peer into the world of our workshop all in one evening and get a taste of our humour. In some   dubious neighbourhoods, drug dealers offer various hard drugs. In our theatre we’ve cut a very different mixture of high-inducing entertainment. We will alter your mind in a more pleasant way.  And addiction? 

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The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.

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mime - Mr. Swimmer Petr LIŠKA, Josef TICHÝ, Erik DEMKO, Michal HECHT
mime - Mr. Mosquito René PYŠ, Michal HECHT, Lukáš ŠIMON, Erik DEMKO
dancer - Ms. Nebula Lenka HYBLEROVÁ, Nela RADIMĚŘSKÁ, Andrea KHEILOVÁ, Johana HÁJKOVÁ
dancer - Ms. Acid Johana HÁJKOVÁ, Dita JANČÍKOVÁ, Nela RADIMĚŘSKÁ, Lenka HYBLEROVÁ, Martina ŠŤASTNÁ
actor - Lady in Black Božena NUSSBERGEROVÁ, Evženie ŠTEFLOVÁ, Iva SEIDLOVÁ, Eva PLOCKOVÁ
dancer - Mr. Ring Dušan KMEŤ, Michal VLK, Vojtěch VLASÁK, Ondřej NOVOTNÝ
dancer - Mr. Magic Light Ivo JIRÁSEK, Juraj KLIMAŠOVSKÝ, Daniel RYBICKI
dancer - Mr. Black&White Pavel PLOCEK, Michal VLK, Marek KAŠPAROVSKÝ


Script Eva Asterová, Josef Tichý, Petr Liška, René Pyš
Choreography Eva Asterová
Music Zdeněk Zdeněk
Costume design Dana Turečková, Eva Asterová
Costume realization Emílie Bezdíčková, Helena Píchová
Producer Alexander Čihař
Premiere 5.6. 2016